RasPiO Pro Hat Protect/Position Raspberry Pi Ports Perfectly

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RasPiO Pro Hat is a small Raspberry Pi add-on which...

  • protects the Pi's ports in case you make a wiring error
  • arranges the Pi's ports in numerical order to make tinkering easier
  • works "out of the box" with GPIO Zero - the new easy-to-use Python library included in Raspbian
  • requires no soldering or assembly
  • requires no software installation
  • includes a 170pt mini-breadboard to build your circuits on 
  • gives you direct access to the ports if you need it
  • requires no additional resistors for use with LEDS
  • will have RasPi.TV-style tutorial experiments suitable for beginners and experts alike
  • works with any 40-pin Raspberry Pi

Ready To Use

RasPiO Pro Hat is ready to use straight out of the box. There is nothing to assemble, nothing to solder and no software installation needed. GPIO Zero is pre-installed as standard on Raspbian from November 2015 onwards. All you have to do is build a circuit on the breadboard and control it with GPIO Zero (or RPi.GPIO etc). It can be a simple LED or something a bit more complex like this motion-activated security light...


Instructions and GPIO Zero Programming with RasPiO Pro Hat

GPIO Zero Programming with RasPiO Pro Hat cover

Take a look at this comprehensive user guide, which covers general use of the RasPiO® Pro Hat and contains some structured experiments using the components included with the Pro Hat, designed to teach the basics of GPIO Zero. There are lots of pictures and code examples.



Demo Video