RasPiO Night Light

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RasPiO Night Light is a motion-activated RGB LED light that lights your way in the dark. It's a lovely build-it-yourself kit designed to be gorgeous to look at and fun to build, use and tweak. It's great for providing a bit of automatic nocturnal illumination in places like your...

  • hall
  • garage
  • landing
  • workshop
  • shed

What's in the Kit? 

  • a beautiful PCB
  • a laser cut, Polar White frosted acrylic case with 4-way mounting holes
  • an Arduino nano clone
  • a PIR motion sensor
  • all the through-hole components (surface-mount components pre-soldered for you)
  • nylon nuts, bolts and standoffs
  • USB to mini-USB cable

RasPiO Night Light KS Overview Video

Fully Programmable

RasPiO Night Light is fully programmable so you can customise it to your own requirements by tweaking the Arduino sketch provided. You could also add any additional sensors or components you want, as all the Arduino ports are broken out to a second set of through-holes (labelled on underside of PCB). 

What Else do I Need?

To assemble the kit you'll need a soldering iron, solder and snippers. You'll also need a 5V power source, which can either be attached to the mini-USB on the arduino nano clone or 5V/GND on the PCB.

You'll also need a computer to be able to flash the software to the Arduino nano clone.

Assembly Video (PCB soldering and case assembly) 

User Guide

Using Your RasPiO Night Light

Case parts cut files

In case you want to make your own case out of a different colour or kind of material, you can find the case cut file (.SVG) here

Very Hackable - Make it Your Own 

Here are just a few ways in which you can hack the RasPiO Night Light to "make it your own".

  • add sensors and other components - all arduino ports are broken out to additional through-holes
  • tweak the colour(s) to your own requirements. Full 8-bit control of RGB (0-255) means you can generate pretty much any colour you want
  • tweak the 'global' brightness (0-255)
  • add a temperature sensor and use the LEDs to display the temperature when a person walks past (could do this during daylight when no lighting is needed)
  • add a smoke or gas sensor and sound an alert with the buzzer (although please don't bet your life on it - this should not be in place of a certified smoke detector - but would be ideal for a supplementary one e.g. in your garage or workshop)
  • add extra strips of APA102/SK9822 LEDs. (Connect to Co/Do/5V/GND on the PCB - as many as your PSU can cope with)
  • add fancy LED animations
  • customise fade-in/fade-out
  • use it as a burglar alarm (parent/sibling detector) for your shed or bedroom

The potential for fun projects is limited only by your imagination.