RasPiO LCD20 - 20x4 i2c Character LCD screen for RasPiO Duino & Raspberry Pi

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RasPiO® LCD20 is a rather lovely 20 x 4 character LCD for use with RasPiO® Duino and Raspberry Pi®...  

Only 4 Wires Needed

RasPiO® LCD20 uses a pre-soldered i2c backpack so you only need four wires to control it from your RasPiO®Duino (and two of those are for power).

Chosen For And Guaranteed To Work With RasPiO® Duino

This LCD has been chosen specifically because it works well with the RasPiO® Duino. We’ve opened, tested and adjusted the contrast on every single one. We’ve also written some awesome “RasPi.TV-style” instructions to guarantee you have a positive experience with your LCD.

What’s In The Kit?

Everything you need to make a dual sensor digital thermometer add-on for your RasPiO® Duino, including hardware, software and instructions…


  • a lovely 20×4 LCD with blue backlight and pre-soldered i2c backpack
  • 2 x TMP36 analog temperature sensors
  • 1 two-way female header (for Duino 3V3 & GND)
  • 1 four-way female header (for Duino 5V)
  • 20 M-F jumper wires (10cm)

There’s an open source library for driving this LCD from your RasPiO® Duino. I’ve written a demo-sketch to get you started. It operates the dual-sensor digital thermometer shown above, giving you the following output…

Best of all though, it’s all installed easily and with a single short command…
curl rasp.io/duinolcd.sh | bash

I’ve written 7 pages of instructions which have been appended to the RasPiO®Duino eBook. But you can also download just those last 7 pages if you choose to. Full instructions with high quality photos, diagrams, explanations and code walk-through are included. You can check those out any time you like here…