RasPiO Duino - Low Cost Easy Way into Arduino Programming on the Raspberry Pi

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The RasPiO® Duino is a small plug-on board for Raspberry Pi. It has similar functionality to an Arduino Uno, but is fully programmable from the Raspberry Pi. Once programmed, it can be removed from the Pi and used on its own.


Low Cost, Easy Introduction to Arduino Programming on the Pi

RasPiO® Duino is an easy, low-cost introduction to Arduino programming on the Raspberry Pi. The RasPiO® Duino kit contains everything you need to start Arduino programming (as long as you already have the Pi).

Learn Arduino Programming with RasPiO Duino

Learn Arduino Programming with RasPiO Duino

The RasPiO Duino user guide is called Learn Arduino Programming with RasPiO Duino. It contains all the information you need to get into Arduino programming on the Pi…


  • brief technical information
  • a brief build guide (with links to in-depth assembly instructions)
  • comprehensive software installation instructions
  • lots of example sketches and walk-throughs showing how to use the capabilities of the board
  • links to the RasPiO Duino github repository
  • an easy-install script for the sketches
  • high-quality diagrams and photographs
  • 47 pages of educational inspiration, discovery and fun

You can download it here, or by clicking the cover image.

How Long to Build and Get Going?

RasPiO® Duino takes about 30 minutes to build, if you’ve done some soldering before.

Once built, the software installation on the Pi (internet connection needed) will take about another 15 minutes, then you should be ready to go.

There’s an LED on pin 13, so the standard ‘blink’ sketch should work unchanged, once you’ve set everything up. Full instructions and some examples are provided on Github.

Once you've got your RasPiO® Duino, these three links will be useful for you…

  1. RasPiO® Duino Assembly Guide
  2. RasPiO® Duino Software Setup Video
  3. RasPiO® Duino Full User Guide & Arduino Programming Instructions