Level shifter - 4 channel logic level converter, bi-directional ideal for Raspberry Pi, Wemos 3V3 to 5V

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Use this little board to shift 3.3V to 5.0V logic levels in both directions. This means you can happily use 5V sensors with a 3.3V microprocessor or Raspberry Pi without damage to either.

It has through-holes so you can either solder wires or components directly to it, or use the headers provided.


Connect HV to 5V and LV to 3.3V

Connect GND on the level shifter to GND on your circuit (both microcontroller and the rest of the circuit should all have a common GND)

Then connect up ports on your 3.3V device (e.g. Pi or Wemos) to LV1-LV4

Connect ports on your 5V device (e.g. sensor or Arduino) to HV1-HV4

This should enable your 3V3 and 5V devices to safely 'talk' to each other with no risk of damaging ports.