Breadboard Pi Bridge - Pi Ports to Breadboard in Numerical Order

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RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge lets you...

  • build and control a circuit with very few additional wires
  • attach a breadboard to your Pi neatly, robustly and reversibly
  • make prototype circuits quickly and easily
  • make far fewer wiring errors, saving debugging time and potential damage it's ideal for experimenting with Pi-controlled circuits, prototyping and learning.

The RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge PCB connects all available Raspberry Pi GPIO ports to a half-size breadboard, with an elegant Perspex platform and cover holding it all neatly and robustly together.

The Pi GPIO ports connect to the breadboard in numerical order (2-27), which means no pin counting and fewer wiring errors - just add your components to the breadboard and start controlling it with the Pi.

Kit Contents - What Do I Get?

Here's a photo of the kit contents...

    • Perspex base, breadboard platform and Pi cover
    • Half size breadboard (400 points)
    • Nylon nuts bolts and spacers to hold it all together
    • RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge PCB
    • 30-way male header
    • 2x20-way female header
    • 5x10mm LEDs + resistors
    • GND wire to connect the ground rails together

    Robust, Easy and Neat

    RasPiO BBPi Breadboard Pi Bridge provides a robust way of connecting a breadboard to a Pi and removes the need for lots of messy wires, and counting pins. It should also reduce the frustration of unreliable connections often associated with using breadboards and Dupont wires.

    You'll probably need a wire (provided) to connect the left and right GND rails on the breadboard. You can build the shown (above) LED circuit with no further wires.

    Cover the Pi or Not - Up to You

    The Pi can be protected using the optional cover (included), which leaves all connectors accessible (except DSI & CSI). 

    RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge showing both with and without Pi cover

    The frosted black Perspex also avoids yucky fingerprints. 

    Fits All 40-pin Pi Models

    RasPiO BBPi fits all 40-pin Pi models including Pi Zero and the "40+4" format of the 3A+/3B+.

    For the 3A+/3B+, the Pi cover has a 'breakaway' which allows the 4 PoE pins to protrude. If using a "+" model, simply snap it off.

    RasPiO Breadboard Pi with cover showing breakaway as inset

    pre-Order Quantities & Bonuses  

    You can pre-order as many or as few as you like. Shipping rates are calculated by weight and have been kept low. There are some bonuses available for multiple pre-orders. Pre-ordering...

    Also, if you are quick, there's an early-bird offer for the first 100 purchases. This is not limited to 1 BBPi per person, so feel free to grab as many as you like. Use the code EARLY at the checkout to get £1 discount per unit. This early-bird offer will expire after 100 uses or 24 hours, whichever occurs first. (Expired now).

    How the Process Works

    Your card or PayPal account will be debited straight away. This is a pre-order. The RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge (BBPi) will ship within the next couple of months once the PCBs are made and components kitted (current estimate late May 2018).

    RasPiO BBPi will only go ahead if at least 400 units are pre-sold. I've used KickStarter for this sort of thing in the past, but decided not to this time to avoid bureaucracy and time delays on a relatively simple project.

    Ideally I'd like to make a batch of 1000 or more because buying PCBs and components in quantities >1000 reaches better unit price-points, making the project more viable. But the project will be viable if there is enough interest to pre-sell 400 kits. If it doesn't go ahead, your pre-sale orders will be refunded.

    This campaign is running for 3 weeks, after which time I will order the parts. If all goes well with that, I expect to ship in late May 2019.

    Postage to Certain Countries

    If you are ordering from Spain, South Africa, India, Malaysia or Brazil, please choose "International Tracked and Signed" delivery at the checkout. We have had regular problems with items going missing to these countries.

    Technical Details

    3V3 and GND connect to the breadboard power rails too. There are optional 5V/GND breakout holes on the PCB. This photo shows the PCB-breadboard attachment points...

    RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge showing breadboard attachment points

    Soldering will be required to attach the Pi header and the header for the 26 GPIO pins and also the 3V3/GND header. There will be a RasPi.TV instruction video showing how to assemble the product.

    Other Information

    A Raspberry Pi is not included in this product. RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge contains the items in the kit contents photo and list above.

    If you order multiple items from the RasPiO shop they will all be shipped together when the RasPiO Breadboard Pi Bridge ships. If you need something now, best do it as a separate order.

    Anticipated Project Timetable

    It's possible that delays could happen if things go wrong. But this is a fairly simple project, so I expect to be able to ship in late May 2019. 

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