BME280 Barometric Pressure, Temperature & Humidity sensor i2c

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The Bosch BME280 is a combined barometric pressure, temperature and humidity sensor package. Using this breakout board you can connect it to i2c ports of a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Wemos D1 mini etc. and read precision values for all three measurements. It's very convenient to have all three sensors on one device. It means less wiring and a potentially much more compact installation. A must-have if you're setting up a weather station or data logger. 

BME280 on Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi Spy)

BME280 Arduino library (Adafruit)

BME280 Arduino library (SparkFun)

Technical Data & Data Sheet

Parameter Technical data
Package dimensions 8-Pin LGA with metal
2.5 x 2.5 x 0.93 mm³
Operation range (full accuracy) Pressure: 300...1100 hPa
Temperature: -40…85°C
Supply voltage VDDIO
Supply voltage VDD
1.2 ... 3.6 V
1.71 ... 3.6 V
Interface I²C and SPI
Average current consumption
(1Hz data refresh rate)
1.8 μA @ 1 Hz (H, T)
2.8 μA @ 1 Hz (P, T)
3.6 μA @ 1 Hz (H, P, T)
Average current consumption in sleep mode 0.1 μA
Humidity sensor
Response time (τ63%)
Accuracy tolerance

1 s
± 3 % relative humidity
≤ 2 % relative humidity
Pressure sensor
RMS Noise
Sensitivity Error
Temperature coefficient offset

0.2 Pa (equiv. to 1.7 cm)
± 0.25 % (equiv. to 1 m at 400 m height change)
±1.5 Pa/K (equiv. to ±12.6 cm at 1°C temperature change)