RasPiO Portsplus 3 fits Pi3B plus and all 40 pin Raspberry Pi

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RasPiO® Portsplus 3 for Pi3B plus and all 40 pin Raspberry Pi

The RasPiO® Portsplus board is designed for the Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B/2/0/A+/B+. It labels the ports clearly for you so that you don’t need to count pins. This will help you avoid wiring errors and damage…

You can slip it over the GPIO header if you want, or hold it next to the header (many people tell me they do this – and this approach will also work for the older models A/B). 

NEW – Portsplus 3 = Port Numbers and Alternative Functions

RasPiO® Portsplus 3 supersedes all previous versions but will fit on any 40 pin Pi. It should appeal to hardware hackers because it has the alternative functions on the reverse side.


Project Detachability Option

If you add a stacking header, you can have labelled ports with the added bonus of being able to detach your project from the Pi without messing up your wiring.

Add a stacking header for project detachability


You don't even need to solder the header to the Portsplus, but you can if you prefer.

Add a stacking header for project detachabilityAdd a stacking header for project detachability


Portsplus Regular = Port Numbers and Pin Numbers

We still have a few left of the previous RasPiO® Portsplus (fits all 40-pin Pi except the 3B+), which has GPIO port numbers on one side and Pin numbers on the other side, so you can use whichever numbering system you prefer…

You can use both versions as attractive key-fobs as well (split-ring not supplied)…

It’s thick enough not to feel flimsy, but thin enough not to be clunky.

RasPiO Portsplus had a walk-on part in one of my recent RasPi.TV videos. It gives a nice close-up view of one way to use it…