10k slide potentiometer - PCB mounted with dual I/O

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Potentiometers are useful for setting or adjusting the voltage of a circuit. They can be used as controls. This one has a slider (as found on audio mixing desks etc.) and is mounted on a PCB with headers for easy connection to your circuits. 

  • GND is connected to 0V or your circuit's ground. There are two GND pins - both the same.
  • VCC is connected to your circuit's positive voltage. There are two VCC pins - both the same.
  • OTA and OTB are the two outputs - rather like the 'middle pin' of a rotary potentiometer. They both give the same output, but it can be useful to have two connections to it.

Usage example...

Connect 3V3 to one of the VCC pins. Connect GND (0V) to a GND pin. Connect your voltmeter +ve to OTA or OTB and -ve to GND (0V).

When you move the slider, you will be able to produce any voltage between 0 and 3.3V at the output. Fully to the left should be 0V and fully to the right should be 3.3V.

Coupled with an analog to digital converter or microcontroller, these devices can give you a very fine degree of control.