RasPiO FullpHAT update 1 - Thank You and a Stretch Goal

Posted by Alex Eames on

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has backed the RasPiO FullpHAT so far. As I write this (16 Nov 12:36) we're sitting at 299 units pre-sold...


We hit target in 5.68 hours. It's always nice to reach viability on day 1 so that you can start getting on with the project instead of wondering whether or not it's going to happen.

Stretch Goal

We're at 300 (nearly) right now with 4.5 days left to go. If we hit 400 units I will upgrade the supplied stacking header to a custom-made header with full thickness pins.

What does that mean? Well the pins on the proposed stacking header are perfectly OK to use, but they are 0.6 x 0.4 mm which makes them a little bit more flexible (bendy) than those on a normal standard Pi header.

A standard Pi header has pins that are 0.64 x 0.64 mm. Most stacking headers are not 'square' like this, but have one side thinner.

Only this week I have found a potential source of the exact headers that I want. If we reach 400 units I will do my best to make sure the FullpHAT is supplied with this better header.


If you haven't yet backed the project, please do so here...


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