One Day Left - Final Prototypes Ordered

Posted by Alex Eames on

Hi and thanks for backing RasPiO FullpHAT.

We've got just about a day left on the campaign and we've just passed the 400 unit stretch-goal (improved stacking header with full thickness pins) mentioned in update 1.

Since we know the project is going ahead, yesterday the final prototype PCBs (hopefully) were ordered. There were a couple of minor corrections to be made. One or two of the GND pins needed 'manual intervention' on the ground planes to actually be connected to GND. I also took the opportunity to add some extra Power and GND pins to the board. Nothing major, but a slight improvement.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't like commissioning a production run of PCBs without testing the exact same Gerber files I'm going to use. So, any changes to the copper layers and I will always seek to do a small-batch final proto run. It does take a couple of weeks and costs a bit of money, but it means I've then done everything I can to make sure things go well.

I've also ordered the enhanced stacking headers and the standoffs. So the way it's looking right now, everything is on track. Once the final proto PCBs arrive (~2-3 weeks), I'll build and test them and, if good, order the main production run.

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